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because life's too short for boring websites
web design and development
Your website is your online handshake with your audience. There should be a visceral connection between the guest and the content presented on your website. This emotional first impression drives user confidence.
  • Requirements gathering hand in hand with persona exploration.
  • Emotion driven responsive design with an eye on usability.
  • Professionaly crafted personalized websites.
Your business is one of a kind and your website should reflect it's goals and personality. I'm here to make sure it does!
Feature Image
Feature Image
Today's websites boast vibrant graphics to capture and retain audience attention. Using Photoshop & Illustrator I'll create beautiful one of a kind illustrations for your site.
identity realization
Identity Realiztion is the physical manifestation of your brands identy. You may not have the creative assets to support the identy but you already have an idea of the emotion and values you wish to express. I'll work with you to bring that identity to life!
  • Explore and define your brand's identity
  • Iterate through rough designs of color schemes and logo concepts
  • Deliver brand assets in various sizes and formats
Together, we will create a personalized brand identity that evokes a visceral reaction from your audience. Let's get started!
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My services
Logos & Business Cards
Your logo and business card should represent your brand and it's personality. I'll craft a logo and business card that are the personification of your brand.
Working with existing marketing materials or starting from scratch we can come up with the colors and graphical artifacts that embody your brand identity.
web design & development
Your website should convey the personality and goals of your business. Working together, we will craft a beautiful website that does just that!
.NET Development
Being skilled in tools such as ASP.NET, C#, MVVM, SQL Server and BIDS give me an understanding of your entire ecosystem allowing me to help you in ways others can't.
Project Image
MeanByte Business Card
Project Image
Help Site
Project Image
Library Checkout Site - Green Theme
Project Image
MeanByte.com Animation
Project Image
Library Checkout Site - Sunny Day
Project Image
Seaside City Animation
Project Image
Library Checkout Site - Cityscape
Project Image
Library Checkout Site - Airport
Project Image
Collect Connect Logo
Project Image
Sand Sharks Band Logo
Project Image
Devil's Hatband Logo
Project Image
Survey & Reporting Site
Project Image
eBook and eAudioBook checkout site sprites
Project Image
Library Admin Site
Project Image
Ideation Logo
Project Image
Reading Desktop App
Project Image
Library Checkout Site - Blue Theme
Project Image
Library Checkout Site - Under The Sea
Some Of My skills
I really enjoy using Illustrator CC to create rich dynamic illustrations, logos and branding for use in the digital space.
Photoshop is my go to tool for creating storyboards, mockups and designs for websites and apps that I create for my clients.
Being a Microsoft developer for 20+ years I am skilled in all tiers of modern web development from DB to UX design and implementation.
I use tools including BootStrap, KendoUI, JQuery, Javascript and CSS3 to create beautiful responsive websites you can be proud of.
rod crump
Will’s design and technical skills never ceased to amaze me. We worked together closely, so I fully understand his capabilities. Will has an uncanny ability to know what the client wants before they tell him and makes our business partners feel comfortable with him.
rick gemereth
Will was an integral member ofmy IT team at Motorsports Authentics. As the Vice President of information Technology at Motorsports Authentics it was my responsibility to ensure I hired highly qualified and highly performing individuals. Will fit those qualifications and met and exceeded my expectations. Will was a key contributor in concept development and the build out/implementation of our web site. His dedication and commitment to our project timelines kept us on target to meet the IT obligation of supporting and enhancing the business operations of the company.
Client Image
abel pomar
William was fully responsible for documenting, building, and testing the design prior to production launch. Along with his application development contribution, William also demonstrated his seasoned technical leadership skills in identifying project resource gaps, work estimation inaccuracies, and coaching of less experienced team members. William has a strong work ethic and communication skills. In addition, he is able to work independently and consistently follows through to meet or exceed expectations.
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